Dee Tree is a soul band from Minsk, Belarus.

It all started off as jam sessions where we realized how much we had in common, including our views on life and love for nerdy board games. On top of that, we shared the strong urge to dive deep into soul music and through it to express what we had in mind. And we're still exploring, every single day.

Upon releasing 3 debut live videos in April 2018, we locked ourselves up in a small self-assembled studio (previously the drummer’s bedroom) in an old rural district of Minsk. There we indulged in rehearsing, jamming, watching movies and football matches, digging and sharing musical archives.

This resulted in several covers of hip-hop, soul and r’n’b classics, sometimes in collaboration with great Belarusian musicians. And after the intensive half-year period we created a certain mixture of neo-soul, hip-hop and funk, all flavored with distinct #minskvibe, which is to be shared at umpteen festivals and events this summer and autumn in Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine. Feel free to follow Dee Tree on all social networks for updates and performances info.

Photography – Maxim Shumilin, video – @doctapemedia and, Nikolay Storozhuk – recording, mixing, mastering, concert sound. Right now we are working on the first studio album, in collaboration with Vladimir Potapenko as a producer.

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Main contact (for booking, drumming, tea ceremonies):
Yuri Zverev
+375 29 161 01 67 (Telegram | Viber | Whatsapp)